Friends of the Temple

Established in 1886, Temple Beth Tefilloh is deeply interconnected within the Brunswick, Georgia, community. If you would like to support the temple, its mission, historic preservation, community outreach, and continued development, but are ineligible for temple membership, please consider becoming a financial contributor through the Friends of Temple Beth Tefilloh.

There are three categories of support—Chaverim, or Affiliates; Yedidim, or Companions; and Yakarim, or Friends—and each category has associated benefits. Donations are tax deductible.

If you don’t want to donate online, checks can be mailed to Temple Beth Tefilloh, P.O. Box 602, Brunswick, GA 31521. Please note on the check that it is designated for “Friends of TBT.” 


Weekly D’var Torah by Jay Rosen

One free class from
Rabbi Rachael Bregman



Weekly D’var Torah by Jay Rosen

Two free classes from
Rabbi Rachael Bregman



Weekly D’var Torah by Jay Rosen

Complimentary classes from
Rabbi Rachael Bregman

Sisterhood cookbook

Shabbat dinner hosted by
Rabbi Bregman and/or
the temple president